10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Cloth Diaper

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10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Cloth Diaper

Disclaimer: This post is tongue in cheek and meant to make you chuckle!

10. You love buying things for the sole purpose of throwing them out. You are considering just throwing your money right into the garbage can to cut out the middleman.

9. You are crazy about the idea of chemicals next to your baby’s skin. You really enjoy the feeling of disposable pads next to your most sensitive areas; why not give your baby the same treat 24/7?

8. You love the saggy-bum look of a wet disposable diaper. It really fills out the gap between your baby’s bum and their knees.

7. You object to cuteness in diapering, in all its forms. You forbid your baby from ever being cute. No contrasting snaps or artist-exclusive prints for you!

6. You never do laundry. You wear disposable clothes and use disposable sheets and towels. You are cat-like in your aversion to washing, being washed, or water in general.

5. You think landfills aren’t given their due in society. Allow them more space, you say, and fill it heartily! You do your part by sending a garbage truck directly from your house to the landfill once a week.

4. You love a smelly diaper pail. You sometimes sneak into your baby’s room at night just to sniff it.

3. You love the thrill that comes from anticipating the next blowout. You don’t know when, or where, but you do know you’d better have at least twelve extra outfits if you’re going out! You thrive on suspense and anticipation, and enjoy washing poop out of clothes, upholstery, car seats, and more.

2. You’re looking to leave a legacy, and disposable diapers that will still be around in 250 years sound like a good way to leave a lasting impression.

1. You love the “convenience” of the frantic search for a store still open at 3 AM when your newborn has just pooped in the last diaper you had.

If none of these reasons describe you, maybe you should give cloth diapering a try! Funky Fluff 3-in-1 diapers are a great way to try out a few different styles. Email customerservice@funkyfluff.ca with your questions, check out the YouTube channel for videos on fit and other topics (like what to do with the poop!), and join the “Funky Fluff Fans B/S/T and Chat” group on Facebook to connect with an awesome, supportive community of Funky Fluff fans!

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