15 Reasons to LOVE Funky Fluff

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15 Reasons to Love Funky Fluff

  1. They’re cost effective! These reusable diapers can save you money when compared to the cost of disposable diapers.
  2. They’re good for the environment. Keep disposable diapers (which are estimated to take 500 years or longer to break down) out of landfills!
  3. They’re good for your baby. You can avoid the chemicals in disposables, and the irritation that sometimes comes along with them, by choosing Funky Fluff.
  4. They have a great fit! They are trim and offer excellent adjustability to get just the right fit for your little one.
  5. 3-in-1 versatility: you get to try out a pocket diaper, an all-in-two, and an all-in-one, all with the same diaper!
  6. Funky Fluff offers outstanding customer service! Kathy and Tricia provide support, troubleshooting, and advice by email, on Facebook, and with videos on YouTube. They also stand behind their products and add a fantastic personal touch to their customer service.
  7. Two fabric options to choose from (stay dry and bamboo) means you can mix and match to find the perfect combination of covers and inserts that you love.
  8. These diapers are designed by two moms who have a wealth of cloth diapering experience, and the attention to detail in the design shows that these ladies know their stuff! From the way the inserts agitate out in the wash to the way the hip snap keeps the wings in place, every detail means a great fit for your baby and a good laundry experience for you!
  9. There is a great community of Funky Fluff fans online. There’s lots of help and support, fun contests like the #showmethefluffy photo contest, and lots of love for Funky Fluff!
  10. Cute colour combinations and unique prints make these diapers stand out! You won’t find these anywhere else.
  11. One size from newborn to potty learning means you only have to buy one set of diapers!
  12. Funky Fluff makes diaper laundry easy. They go in the washing machine with the detergent of your choice, (just avoid fabric softener) and in the dryer on low heat (although you can hang them to dry if you prefer).
  13. These diapers are durable. They should last until your little one learns to use the potty, and could diaper your next little one too!
  14. Funky Fluff offers great extras that are loved by their fans, like double-pocket wet bags, their new hanging wet bag (runner-up for Best New Accessory in the 2014 Change-Diapers Awards!), and their pail liner.
  15. Their ever-growing network of retailers means you should have a source of Funky Fluff near you now or in the near future! And if not, you can order online from retailers in Canada, the U.S., and internationally!

With all the great reasons to love Funky Fluff, why not make it your resolution to get a little Funky this year?

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