Meet Funky Fluff’s Official Ambassadors

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Funky Fluff Official Ambassadors

Since selecting our oFFicial Funky Fluff Ambassadors earlier this fall, I’ve had the chance to get to know this enthusiastic and fun-loving gaggle of #FunkyFluffian Mamas from all over Canada and the US. In our Facebook group, we have an inordinate amount of fun, especially at the end of a long day when Tricia makes an unfortunate typo. (She was trying to spell “shirt.”)

Without further ado, Funky Fluff fans, let me introduce you to your octet of ambassadors:

Erin, from Waterloo, Ontario

Erin is a bit of a Funky Fluff groupie, following Tricia and Kathy around to trade shows and preaching the Funky Fluff gospel loud and proud. She’s also hysterical, and is responsible for this tongue-in-cheek list of reasons not to cloth diaper. She has a two-year-old daughter, and her day job is teaching high school!

Carli, from Gibbons, Alberta

Carli is mother to a 9-month-old daughter and 3-year-old son. She is currently on maternity leave with her youngest, from her job as an Insurance Advisor. With a Funky Fluff stash that is at least 50 diapers strong, there’s no doubt she’s passionate about our brand! She wanted to become an ambassador so she could share the knowledge she’s gained after 2 years of Funky Fluffing and convert more Mamas to #FUNKtionalCloth! Carli boasts a full Funky Fluff rainbow, including the “retired” colours.

Esther, from Timmins, Ontario

Esther is our token pregnant lady! She has a 18-month-old son and her newbie is due in May. She runs a Moms & Tots Group once a week (perfect for seeking out new converts) and sings her heart out on the weekends. She’s really excited about soon having two babies in diapers, (What disposable-using mother can say that?!) and especially Funky Fluff, the only diaper that works for her son at night!

Felicia, from Hampton, New Brunswick

Felicia is committed to converting the Mamas of her province to Funky Fluff. She is the mother of one boy, 20 months old, and one girl who is 5 months old, with whom she stays home full time. Like so many of us, she tried lots of brands until she discovered her true love: trim, cute and versatile…. you guessed it…. Funky Fluff!

Chelsea, from Reston, Manitoba

Chelsea has a 5-month-old son and is staying home with him and her 3 1/2 year old full time. She loves to eat clean and change dirty diapers. (See what I did there?) Outgoing and positive, she is happy to chat people up about cloth diapers in the strangest of settings. She’s already getting phone calls from interested friends of friends about Funky Fluff! If you want to reach her, though, don’t tweet her, as she doesn’t have a clue what that means. (Okay, probably she does now, the other Ambassadors are super helpful!)

Stephanie, from Auburn Hills, Michigan

Stephanie wonders if she might talk to people a bit too much about Funky Fluff. That makes her an ideal Ambassador! Her 8-month-old daughter has been wearing #FUNKtionalCloth for almost her whole life, and Stephanie is eager to brag about her leak-proof, favourite brand. Her newly-discovered passion for frugal living is very compatible with her cloth diapering passion (as long as she doesn’t catch the #buyallthediapers virus).

Sheena, from Waco, Texas

Sheena is responsible for the Funky Fluff Glamour Shots I’ve been using lately on the blog. (Including the lovely line-up of diapers in the Ambassadors collage.) Yup, this is a woman who sets up her Funky Fluff for portraits more diligently than some people photograph their families! She stays home full time with her sons, who are two and five years old. Sheena is also the proud owner of a complete Funky Fluff rainbow, having scoured the internet to get her hands on even the hardest-to-find, “vintage” colour combos!

Gladys, from Spring Valley, California
Gladys has four children, three boys and a baby girl. Her daughter was the first of her babies to wear cloth! She is convinced that if she had known how easy cloth diapering could be, she would’ve used cloth on all of her children. For those on the fence about cloth, it’s great to hear the opinion of a Mom who has used both disposables and cloth full time. Gladys habla español, y está lista para enseñarles como usar los pañales lavables. {In 2015, Gladys’s daughter retired from cloth diapers and thus Gladys’s position was filled by not one, but three new ambassadors.}

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