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diaper manufacturing

Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Materials used to manufacture FUNKY FLUFFTM diapers have been tested for harmful elements such as total lead and phthalate content as required by CPSIA in U.S. and CCPSA in Canada.  Flammability has been tested according to applicable regulations in Canada and U.S.  Physical and mechanical components of our diapers have also been tested according to the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.  Funky Fluff & Stuff Inc.TM certifies, based on Third Party Testing, that our cloth diapers comply with the regulations, rules, bans, and/or standards identified in CPSIA and CCPSA as well as other relevant regulations in U.S. and Canada. Children’s Product Certificate is available here. For further information regarding regulatory compliance please contact


About our cloth diaper manufacturer

Initially, the plan was to manufacture FUNKY FLUFFTM cloth diapers in Canada. However, after researching a number of local options, we quickly realized the cost of production would be very high and as a result we would not be able to offer our diapers at affordable prices. We also found that most materials used to manufacture cloth diapers came from overseas countries such as China. Although some brands of cloth diapers may be assembled in Canada or USA, most materials still come from different countries. And so, we began our search for an overseas manufacturer.


We engaged in extensive research and interviewed a number of potential candidates before our chosen partner was selected. We based our decision on a number of factors including quality of materials and workmanship, safety of materials used for production, manufacturing affordability, working conditions and fair treatment of workers manufacturing our products, understanding of our vision and communication channels, just to name a few. We were very selective and strict during the selection process.

Our chosen manufacturer, located in China, offers comfortable, spacious and air conditioned working condition for their small staff. Workers are paid considerably more than the required wage, have an opportunity to earn bonuses, get plenty of paid days off and are never required to work overtime unless they chose to do so themselves. All employees have a minimum of 3 years experience in their trade and student workers are never hired. Safety training as well as safety drills are conducted regularly. We are very confident that our manufacturing company is managed well, regularly maintained and safe for their employees.


Our manufacturer has been a very close partner in the long and complicated process of getting our product to the high standard that we desired and we consider them a knowledgeable resource and an important member of our team. Our own children wear these diapers and we would never put them in any product that we didn’t feel comfortable with.


washing & care

Note about washing machines

Top loaders are very effective in washing cloth diapers. Clean diapers are achieved by the movement of the fabrics against one another inside your washing machine. It is important to ensure that you don’t over-load or under-load your washing machine as diapers need enough fabric to rub against but also need enough room to move.

High efficiency front loading machines are great because they don’t use a lot of water, but not using enough water to wash and rinse your diapers can cause residue problems. If using a front loader to wash your diapers, set your machine to a maximum water level. You can also increase the water level in your front loader by adding a wet towel to your wash and trick the machine into adding more water.

How do I prep my diapers? – VERY IMPORTANT!

Wash different colours (lights or darks) and fabrics types (suede cloth or bamboo) separately at least five times before use. DO NOT wash natural fabrics such as bamboo together with suede cloth or microfiber to prep them as natural fabrics release oils that can settle onto synthetic materials and cause residue problems. Washing a a few times is very important as it will increase the absorbency of your diapers. Your diapers will continue to increase in absorbency each time you wash them.

How do I wash my diapers?

Washing cloth diapers is as easy as pressing a few buttons or turning a knob on your washing machine. Simply dump diapers and soakers into the washing machine along with your pail liner and wet bag.

1. Pre-wash/rinse on cold to remove waste and fight stains
2. Wash at a maximum of 60°C/140°F
3. Follow with a second rinse if necessary
4. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low temperature.

Yes, it is that easy!

Don’t worry about putting dirty diapers in your washing machine. Urine is actually sterile, and feces contain no pathogens unless we are extremely ill. There is no need to clean the washing machine after washing cloth diapers; your washer does a great job of that itself.

You can also find a comprehensive list of cloth diaper safe detergents listed at

What should I avoid?

Do not use laundry additives such as fabric softeners, stain guards or dryer sheets.

Can rash creams be used with cloth diapers?

Avoid using diaper rash creams/Vaseline directly against the cloth diaper. Diaper rashes should be treated according to your physician’s recommendations. If you need to use a rash cream, you should use a diaper liner between your baby’s bottom and the diaper to prevent the cream from transferring onto the diapers.

Can I use FUNKY FLUFF diapers at night?

YES! Our diaper can be used in 3 different ways. Our pocket system option allows you to stuff the diaper with any required amount of absorbency. You could double up 2 of our stay dry or bamboo soakers. You could add 1 or 2 of our bamboo boosters in addition to the soaker. You could stuff it with almost anything if it will get you through a full nights sleep without a leak. There is no need to have a night time diaper option for newborns. They are changed so often throughout the night in the early months and have little output.


product warranty

FUNKY FLUFF & STUFF INC.TM guarantees FUNKY FLUFFTM cloth diapers against manufacturer defects and will repair or replace the product should this occur. Monetary refunds on defective products will not be given. Original sales receipt is required.

FUNKY FLUFFTM warranty covers the following components:

  • Snap Defects – 1 year
  • Elastic Defects – 6 months
  • PUL Defects – 6 months
  • Sewing/Workmanship Defects – 6 months

This warranty is void when:

  • Diaper has been altered in any way;
  • Washing and drying instructions have not been followed as outlined;
  • Diapers have been subject to water temperatures above 60°C/140°F;
  • Laundry additives such as fabric softeners or dryer sheets have been used;
  • Diaper rash creams/Vaseline not safe for cloth diapers have been used directly against the diaper.

The warranty does not apply to products that are not functioning properly due to incorrect fit, leaking, odour issues, fading, staining, repelling, pilling, or other normal wear and tear. If you are having problems with these issues, please see the troubleshooting section for possible solutions or contact us at We will be happy to help.

Please note that diapers with tears, rips, missing snaps etc. resulting from misuse or rough handling will not be replaced.

While FUNKY FLUFFTM diapers are made to last, please keep in mind that they are a garment and like any garment they will wear down with each use and laundering process. It is possible to make them last much longer by following our washing and drying instructions, and ensuring that you have a good size diaper rotation so that each diaper doesn’t get used every single day.

How to make a Warranty Claim

If you experience a problem that falls under our warranty, please contact us at Once we receive your request, we will contact you with information as to where to send the product. At our discretion, the product will be examined to determine whether a replacement is required or if it can be repaired.

Please note that we will not accept items that arrive in an unhygienic state, so please take care to make sure your items are clean before sending.

Customers are responsible for all charges resulting from shipping the product to us and receiving a replacement product. FUNKY FLUFF & STUFF INC. TM does not take responsibility for items that may be lost/damaged during the shipping process.


If you wish to exchange a diaper for a different colour/snap combination or different fabric type please contact us within 30 days of purchase. Product must be new, unwashed, and in original packaging in order to be exchanged. Customers are responsible for shipping costs both ways. FUNKY FLUFF & STUFF INC.TM does not take responsibility for items that may be lost/damaged during the shipping process.

Products other than cloth diapers

If returning something other than cloth diapers, please contact us at within 30 days of purchase to see if refund is available. We do not accept factory seconds returns.