Funky Fluff Dads Love Cloth Diapers #SchoolofCloth

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Funky Fluff Dads Love Cloth Diapers

Some times Dads get a bad rap as “cloth naysayers.” I asked Funky Fluff Fans to tell me all about why their partners are huge fans of using cloth diapers!

Jami’s man, Joshua, says, “I love Funky Fluff because they are easy to use. I can fit my hand in to stuff or I can just lay inserts on top. As well, I never have to worry about anything coming out of diaper that isn’t suppose to when my son uses me as a step stool.”

Joshua Loves Funky Fluff

Ashley’s husband apparently sings songs about Funky Fluff: “… the other day he was changing her diaper and was singing about how he loves Funky Fluff and he made sure he put all the names of the diapers in his song. He’s so funny!” I would really, really like Ashley to record this for us!

Taryn says, “I just started using Funky Fluff and my boyfriend, Machen, thinks they are super cool. He said they feel way nicer and softer than the other diapers. He even made a website so we could try to start selling them and tell people about them. He’s tried to convince all his friends having babies to switch to cloth.”

Diana’s party observes: “They are very easy to use and we never have any leaks. Funky fluff saves us money and they can be used from birth to potty training age.”

Dads Know Funky Fluff is Easy to Use


Mariane reports that her partner “thinks they are really pretty and affordable. His favourites are Funkster and Maritime. He wasn’t really on board with cloth, but a couple of weeks ago, while looking at our clothesline full of diapers, he told me that he was shocked. Shocked to imagine that if we weren’t cloth diapering, we would be wasting that many disposable diapers.”

Sometimes is as simple as Daddy loving what Mommy loves: her Funky Fluff!

Daddy Loves Funky Fluff

Taylor’s husband (amusingly, also named Taylor) says: “I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t use cloth diapers. They are easier than disposables, don’t leak and he doesn’t get rashes!” Their fluffy friends agree.

Fathers and Fluffy Friends love Funky Fluff

Some Dads like matching cloth to clothes as much as many Moms do. Says Cassidy: “I feel so fortunate my husband is on board with cloth. We now exclusively use Funky Fluff and my husband loves the hip snaps unlike some of the other brands we tried. He even raves about cloth diapers to his friends and coworkers. Poopy diaper? No problem for my man! With the new Lux line, it’s even easier for him to stuff them (I came home to all of our diapers stuffed yesterday!). He even has to make sure the diaper matches babes outfit! He is almost as obsessed with Funky Fluff as I am!” Next step: a cloth diaper tattoo.

Funky Fathers Love Funky Fluff

Amanda’s husband is picky about colours, too: “I didn’t know how much my hubby enjoyed our diapers until I was wanting to get a new one. I thought I would ask his opinion on which colour or print to get. He hummed and hawed and finally chose his favourite colour! I thought I was the only one who had trouble deciding on a colour!”

Funky Fathers

Let’s give the last word to Adam, who’s even a member of our Facebook Fan Group!

I don’t even know where to start. I love everything about Funky Fluff! The versatility of the diapers is unbeatable especially for the cost. It is an all-in-three diaper meaning can it be used as an all-in-one, all-in-two, or pocket diaper and really is the best of all worlds. It has plenty of rise snaps allowing the diaper to be used longer than most one-size diapers. It can be used from birth through toddler so there is no need to have a second or third set of diapers to get through diapering which can be a pain. The prints are incredible and each and every one is gender neutral (yes pinks and purples are gender neutral as they are just colors). I love Funky Fluff and hope that everyone gives them a chance because they will not be disappointed!

#SchoolofCloth 2015

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