Funky Fluff is Expecting …. Newborn Diapers! #FunkyBumpWatch

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Funky Fluff is expecting newborn diapers!

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Funky Fluff is proud to announce that we are expecting … newborn cloth diapers!

Athletic wicking jersey, two hour-glass inserts … all in one tiny, squishy package! They will be released in our three new prints and five colours.

The diapers are still growing and the due date is tentative for late January 2017. That’s why we are launching the #FunkyBumpWatch contest! If you’re currently pregnant, register now to be entered to win a mini stash of Funky Fluff newborn diapers!

Funky Bump Watch

How does the contest work?

It’s like a baby pool! If your baby is born on the same day as we release our newborn diapers (somewhere between the end of January and March 2016), you will win one of each of the newborn colours and prints! (This will be eight diapers total.)

There is one prize pack, so in the unlikely event that more than one participant gives birth on our release date, we will split up the prize.

To claim your prize, you will need to submit proof of birth date within two weeks of our release, and you must have registered in the contest by December 31, 2016.

Just for fun, share your baby bump photos with us on Instagram using the hashtag #FunkyBumpWatch! (You do not need to share any photos to be entered, you just need to fill out the form below!)

Click here to sign up:


Funky Fluff est fier de vous annoncer la venue de… sa couche nouveau-né!

Filet effet fesses au sec AWJ, deux inserts superposables, couche à poche, tout en deux et tout-en-un en une seule couche. Elle sera disponible en trois imprimés et cinq unis.

Ce nouveau produit est en gestation et il verra le jour à la fin janvier. À cette occasion nous démarrons le concours #FunkyBumpWatch! Si vous êtes enceinte, inscrivez-vous pour gagner un petit lot de couches nouveau-né!


Comment le concours fonctionne-t-il?

C’est comme un “pool” de bébé! Si vous accouchez le même jour que le lancement de notre couche nouveau-né, vous gagnez une de chacune de nos couches nouveau-né, nous aurons 8 modèles au total. (La couche sortira quelque part entre janvier et mars.)

Il n’y a qu’un prix, donc s’il y a plusieurs gagnants, le prix sera divisé.

Pour gagner ce prix vous devez nous avoir fourni la preuve de naissance dans les deux semaines suivantes le lancement et avoir été enregistrée au concours avant le 31 décembre 2016.

Partagez vos photos de bédaines sur Facebook et Instagram avec le hashtag #FunkyBumpWatch!



27 Responses

  1. Baby is due Feb 12! We would love these!!

  2. Amber Rojas

    Baby is due March 17th. this would be a great start to our newborn cloth collection!

  3. Baby is due March 22nd! ?

  4. Baby due January 24th 2017. This is exactly what I need!

  5. Is this the “form” to enter? Baby Girl is due February 11! 🙂

  6. I don’t see an entry form, but I’d love to enter!!! 🙂 🙂 What an awesome giveaway. Thank you.

    Baby girl is due February 25, 2017

  7. Krystle Anderson

    Baby due March 29! This would be perfect for my third Funky Fluff baby!!!!!

  8. Heather Vankoughnett

    Baby is due January 20th! I hope thats not too early for an entry!

  9. Kristen ayotte

    Baby boy due feb 17! ?

  10. Jen Poitras

    Baby is due January 13th…my first was 14 days past the due date so I may have a chance! ?

  11. Mindy Lebarr

    Baby LeBarr due April 8th 🙂 maybe he’ll come early!

  12. Babe is due January 29th! Would be so fun to add funky fluff to our newborn stash 🙂

  13. February 16th!

  14. Baby #3 is due February 14th! Unlikely I will go that long, so let’s hope for a sooner release date 😀

  15. Baby #1 is due later than expected diaper arrivals. Maybe there will be some delays ?Come on May 1, 2017!!

  16. Tifanie Mikell

    My twin boys could be here anytime in that range. I was told to expect them between Feb 13 and March 6 so we will see!!

  17. Baby is due January 25th, 2017 🙂

  18. I’m due March 16th. 🙂

  19. Baby girl #2 is due March 22nd!

  20. April 9 due date here. #1 was a few days early so you never know, #2 could be too.

  21. Well since first babes tend to arrive a bit later than when ‘due’, a January 17th guess date just might work! 😉 Fun contest!!

  22. Baby due January 31st!

  23. I’m due march 19th!

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