Funky Fluff Overnight Diapering Solutions #SchoolofCloth

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Overnight Diapering Solutions ~ Funky Fluff #SchoolofCloth

Overnight cloth diapering can be very intimidating. We’re used to seeing commercials for “overnight” disposable diapers that “last twelve hours,” but can cloth last that long? Yes! Funky Fluff’s variety of inserts and boosters can be combined to make the perfect overnight diaper for your little one. I turned to the experts—Funky Fluff’s Official Chat Group members—to find out what their overnight combos look like.

In case you aren’t familiar with Funky Fluff, here’s a guide to our products, which can be purchased from any one of our amazing retailers across North America and even as far away as Malaysia!

Funky Fluff Diaper Options

How Funky Fluff Fans Use Our Diapers Overnight

When he was 11 weeks old, Stefanie could use a Stay Dry Shell with the large deLux Soaker on her son for about 8 hours.

Funky Fluff Overnight Diapering Solutions #SchoolofCloth

Tamara uses a Stay Dry Shell stuffed with both the small and large deLux Soakers, with the larger one snapped and folded over at the front for her 7-month-old son. This combo lasts 12-13 hours.

Amanda uses a Stay Dry Shell with both LUX Soakers on her 7-month-old, heavy wetting son (who usually needs a fitted with wool). This combo lasts 12 hours “with no leaking what so ever!”

Funky Fluff Overnight Diapering Solutions #SchoolofCloth

Jeannine stuffs a Stay Dry Shell with both deLux Soakers, the large Lux Soaker and a Hemp Booster to make it 12 hours with her 15-month-old son.

Stephanie combines one deLux Soaker with one Bamboo Lux Soaker, making two night’s worth of inserts (one night using the smaller Bamboo and larger deLux, the following night using the larger Bamboo and the smaller deLux). This combo works for her 17-month-old daughter for about 10 hours.

Alexandria uses a Lux Bamboo Shell with both deLux Soakers on top, “all-in-two style,” on her 17-month-old daughter.

Vannessa’s daughter, at 22 months old, is a very heavy wetter and tummy sleeper. Vannessa stuffs her Funky Fluff Lux Stay Dry Shell with the large Bamboo Lux Soaker, large DeLux Soaker and a Hemp Booster.

Funky Fluff Overnight Diapering Solutions #SchoolofCloth

It’s surprisingly trim, as you can see below:

Funky Fluff Overnight Diapering Solutions #SchoolofCloth

Bianca, The Pierogie Mama herself, used Funky Fluff Bamboo with the large bamboo soaker and the hemp booster through potty training. It was her “fail proof overnight solution,” lasting over 12 hours.

For a 12-hour night with her 2-year-old babe, Felicia uses both Bamboo Lux Soakers, folded like so, making them the same length:

How to double up on Funky Fluff LUX Soakers

Carli refers to the combo of a large LUX, large deLUX and hemp booster folded in front as very trim voodoo magic! She used this option on her son at night until he was 4 years old.

Have your say! How do you use your Funky Fluff diapers at night?

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