How Funky Mamas and Papas Send Cloth Diapers to Day Care #SchoolOfCloth

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How Funky Mamas and Papas Send Cloth to Day Care


Sending our babies off to Day Care can be very bittersweet, and finding the right Day Care for your family can be an overwhelming task. Many cloth diapering parents wonder if they’ll be able to send cloth diapers to Day Care. Individual circumstances vary, but here’s feedback from a bunch of Funky Fluff users on how they send their cloth diapers to Day Care.

Lori: My daycare was amazing about accepting cloth from day 1! I send my Funky Fluff diapers pre-stuffed and ready to go. They also have a roll of flushable liners they keep at the change table and a wet bag they send home at the end of the day.
They were really receptive to learn about the diapers but still sometimes don’t get all the snaps done up properly!

How Funky Mamas and Papas Send Cloth Diapers to Day Care ~ snaps

Larisha: I have been sending my LO to daycare since she was 3 months old. The daycare accepted my Funky Fluff with open arms. I send them already stuffed with a roll of liners and with a clean wet bag to stuff the used diapers in. I showed them only once how to use them. They comment on how cute they are.

Amanda: My day home was a bit apprehensive at first, but was more than easy to convince to give it a go! I would usually send 6 diapers and (cloth) wipes with a wetbag every day and take home the dirties every night. I would just refill his back pack with clean diapers and send them back the next time he went. At first I told her if she didn’t want to deal with poos to just roll it into the diaper and I would plop at home, but turns out that she never had a problem.

Shaira: Our Montessori school has been great considering our LO is the first they have cloth diapered. I did a demo on a transition day and told them where to snap closed. We have a clean bag of stuffed diapers with a flushable liner in each, and a wet bag for the dirty diapers. We also send cloth wipes and coconut oil. Everything comes home when we pick her up, and we send fresh stuff the next day.

How Funky Mamas and Papas Send Cloth Diapers to Day Care ~ liners

Cassidy: One of the things I required was a day home provider that knew how to use cloth. I got lucky and found one who cloth diapered her 3 kids. I send my diapers stuffed and ready to use! So far haven’t had baby come home with a wonky diaper!! We also send our Funky Fluff Dual Pocket Wet Bag to bring home dirties!

Alexia: My daycare is run by a Momma who used cloth (and conveniently sold them to me after). She teaches the ladies what to do. I do get the odd one with zinc cream stains – but my boy has bad bum rash when he teethes and they forget. I send them in the large hanging wet bag. I send about 16 on Monday and take them home Wednesday. Send about 12 again for the rest of the week. They plop out what they can for poop and put it in a grocery bag – so I know which ones to watch out for! Our system works well for us.

Shanon: Our daycare actually cloth diapers the kids with their own diapers, we just send our daughter with one on in the morning, and one prepared and stuffed to wear home. We take home our own used ones in a wet bag each day. Sometimes they do up the snaps a bit wonky/loose depending on who does it at the end of the day. I drew diagrams on a sticky note and posted it in her cubby…been much better since!

Mindy: It wasn’t hard at all. She was just apprehensive because she’d never used them. I just put a liner in them and send them in his bag with a wet bag. She’s even told other care providers in a Facebook group that it’s no big deal and just as easy as ‘sposies. (If not easier, because she doesn’t have the garbage from ‘sposies!)

Meghan: Ours was really open to accepting cloth. We send them in pre-stuffed (pocket style), and store them in a bin there. We also keep a cloth diaper safe diaper rash stick there that they use just for us. We had to show them the first day how to use them, and do a check when picking him up for the first week, but that was it. We also hang a new wet bag every day for them. They even installed a hook near the diaper area just for it!

Christine: My day home lady wasn’t thrilled with the idea of cloth. But once I showed her a diaper she changed her mind. I also sent her the Funky Fluff Youtube video on fit and demonstrated to her how I do things during changing. Every morning I send 6 pre-stuffed Funky Fluff diapers with a Dual Pocket Wet Bag. I also do cloth wipes, so I send a container of those too. My caregiver uses Funky Fluff disposable liners in the diapers for easy poop cleanup. At pickup she tells me if there is any poop left on a diaper. I them take them home daily, replenish the stock of whatever is missing and give her a fresh wet bag. Easy as pie!

How Funky Mamas and Papas Send Cloth Diapers to Day Care ~ stroller

Carolyn: Not hard at all, I asked “do you accept cloth?” and the answer was yes! Each day I send a clean wet bag and 4 diapers (Monday I send 6 so there are extra there for during the week). I leave a roll of disposable liners and a cloth safe cream. I empty out the clean diapers into his diaper basket, hang his wet bag on the hook by the diaper baskets and at the end of the day I pick up the soiled diapers. I pre-stuff all my diapers so they go on just like a disposable and I spray off any poop at home in the evenings and put the diapers and wet bag into my hanging pail til it’s diaper laundry day!

Candace (a Funky Fluff Retailer): Our day home was very excited to use Funky Fluff. They are from Colombia and that’s all they had used down there but they weren’t that great. As soon as she saw the quality of Funky Fluff she said she couldn’t wait!
We send 6-7 diapers as an AIO, and extra pants in our bag with 2 wet bags.

Do you send your Funky Fluff to Day Care?

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  1. Yes! We send our Funky Fluff to daycare. He is there a full day and we send only 4. Changing every 2 hours. For some reason they only ever use three. We send 4 diapers, and info sheet (4 different care givers) extra pants, a small funky fluff double pocket wet bag and homemade diaper rash ointment mostly consisting of coconut oil. They were hard to get them to do cloth because its “unsantitary” but we got a doctors note so they have too =)

  2. I sent my lo to a home daycare at 4 months with cloth. Took a basket with liners, clean diapers and a wetbag. At first she was very apprehnsive. Now I don’t even send anything but my laundry soap. She has her own stash and follows a wash routine and keeps them there. She commented that it was super easy and said I should spread that word on great cloth was. Also thought it was so cool that my lo hasn’t had a single diaper rash with cloth.

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