How to Turn Your Funky Fluff into Cloth Trainers #SchoolOfCloth

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How to Turn Your Funky Fluff Into Training Pants

One of the Funky Fluff Ambassadors spotted this cloth diaper hack at, but the instructions were for a diaper with a single row of waist snaps. I figured the same could be done for Funky Fluff, and that bamboo Funky Fluff would make awesome trainers, with or without inserts!

I enlisted my mother and her snap press.

She used:

  • Snap press & Size 20 Kam Snaps x 8
  • 1″ Knit Elastic, cut in 6 cm strips, x 4
  • Fray check glue for the edges

Turn your Funky Fluff into Trainers ~ Elastic close up

The snaps are pressed in at about the 1 cm mark, and they alternate on either end so that they attach to the two wing snaps like so:

How to Turn Your Funky Fluff into Training Pants ~ Wing View

And then to the “female” waist snaps like so:

How to Turn Your Funky Fluff into Trainers ~ Side View

When I use these on my son (Cub, for those who follow us at Maman Loup’s Den), I snap the hip snap so the diaper doesn’t droop. I am able to pull the diaper down without unsnapping the hip snap if we’re in a hurry. If we don’t use an insert in a bamboo shell, there’s still enough absorbency in the pocket lining to catch a small accident. We can go up a rise level since the diaper isn’t stuffed.

How to Turn Your Funky Fluff into Cloth Trainers

For us, the appeal of this “hack” is that I can now pull his diaper back up on him like underwear rather than having to get him to lie down to fasten it properly. Cub really has NO qualms about being in a diaper, but I realize this might not appeal to a kid who is potty learning and really WANTS to wear big kid undies. Hopefully he’ll forgive me for saying this when he’s 16, but Cub’s issue is… skid marks. So, using a Funky Fluff insert, “All-in-Two” style, helps catch the number twos and means we just swap out the insert.

Maman Loup's Cub in Funky Fluff "Trainers"


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