If Cloth Diaper Conversations Took Place in Real Life

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If Cloth Diaper Conversations Took Place in Real Life

It seems like cloth diapering has a language all its own! It made me wonder, how would these common cloth diapering conversations go if they took place in other settings?

“What’s on the bum?”

Another cloth diapering parent replies, “Funksters OTB this morning – already pooped in Funk-eh Forest!”

A co-worker asks, “Did I sit in something?”

“Wanna see a stash shot?”

Another cloth diapering parent comments, “Check it out: all that fluff is clean and stuffed!”

The cop who just pulled you over asks, “Do you have illicit drugs on you, ma’am?”

“Pockets, AIO, or AI2?”

Another cloth diapering parent answers, “We used to use as AI2, but now we stuff!”

An Apple fan says, “Are you talking about the new iPad? Did they change the connector again?”

“I’m stalking my mailman!”

Another cloth diapering parent cheers, “Yay, fluff mail!”

Your neighbour replies, “I guess he’s kinda ruggedly cute, but don’t you think stalking him is a little excessive?”

“Spray, scrape, or dunk and swish?”

Another cloth diapering parent says, “I’ve seen instructions for a DIY sprayer on Pinterest!”

Your friend who’s not currently diapering answers, “What sport are you talking about?”

“What do I do about a stink problem?”

Another cloth diapering parent asks, “What’s your wash routine?”

Your high school guidance counsellor suggests, “It’s important to have a shower and wear deodorant every day.”

“I think I’m addicted! These diapers are so cute and soft – I just want to buy more fluff and dress myself in it!”

Anyone who’s not as obsessed with cloth diapers as you are says, “I just don’t get it.”

The Funky Fluff Facebook group members say, “Welcome to the club! Isn’t it awesome?”

If you say these things, or other cloth diapering phrases, come join us in the Funky Fluff Facebook group! There are lots of Funky Fluffians who speak your language!

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  1. You forgot about stripping! Lol. ‘I really need to strip.’

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