Meet the Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper!

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Introducing the Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper

You’ve been asking for newborn diapers for a while now … and after a long gestation and drug-free delivery, your wish is granted!

The Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper is just like our one-size Lux diapers … but cut smaller to accommodate babies from 4–12+ lbs! The umbilical snap-down and adjustable rise allows even the tiniest of babes to rock out in their Funky Fluff right out of the womb!

Funky Fluff Newborn Diapers will be available in the same five solids and three prints as their one-size siblings. Some retailers will open pre-orders on Monday, January 16, and stock should be arriving on store shelves in early February.

If you signed up for our #FunkyBumpWatch Baby Pool, the winning date will be the date that the newborn diapers land at Funky Fluff headquarters in Montreal. Watch our social media for the announcement!

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Inner of Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper

Full diaper description: (le français suit)

FUNKY FLUFF Newborn Bamboo diapers offer incredible absorbency and natural fibres against your baby’s skin. Bamboo is very sustainable and environmentally friendly. Its crops grow quickly and require little maintenance. Fabrics made from bamboo are especially soft and breathable and keep babies comfortable and cool. Bamboo is also one of the most absorbent fabrics available for cloth diapers.

Diaper Cover Features:

  • Umbilical snap down to accommodate babies right from birth
  • Slim design in the middle of diaper shell for a trimmer fit
  • Newborn design fits babies from 4–12+ lbs
  • 3-in-1 Snap-In System: Pocket, All-in-One, All-in-Two. Use it any way you like it with a snap at the back waist to secure the soaker(s) inside or on top of the pocket
  • 3 rise settings adjust to fit a growing baby
  • Double row of durable snaps allow separate waist and leg adjustment
  • Cross-over snaps for optimal fit at the waist and also function as a tidy storage option for soiled diapers on the go
  • Hip snaps help to prevent “wing droop”
  • Stretchy & soft around legs and waist
  • Pocket opening in the front and back make it easier to get the soaker in and out
  • Waterproof strip at the top edge of the diaper provides additional protection against leaks
  • Snaps reinforced by PUL creating a double layer of PUL on the front of the diaper shell for extra protection
  • Bamboo interior (80% bamboo viscose and 20% polyester)

Soaker Features:

  • Each diaper system includes bamboo terry small & large soaker set (80% bamboo viscose and 20% polyester)
  • Both soakers have a contoured shape for increased absorbency area
  • Soakers snap together and onto diaper shell at the back if desired
  • No exposed snaps on top of the insert make it very comfortable for babies
  • Double-stitched edges around soaker reinforce and extend durability
  • The soakers may also stay attached to the diaper while in the wash (although at times they do separate from the shell). You’ll spend less time sorting laundry with this feature.
  • Small soaker consists of 4 layers of bamboo terry fabric and measures 23 x 9 cm
  • Large soaker consists of 5 layers of bamboo terry fabric and measures 27 x 9 cm
  • Each soaker is made from bamboo terry material that consists of 80% bamboo viscose and 20% polyester.

Description du couvre-couche : 

  • Bouton à pression sous le nombril pour le cordon
  • Étroite à l’entre-jambe pour un meilleur ajustement
  • Convient aux nouveaux-né de 4 à 12+ lbs
  • Système 3-en-1 : peut être utilisée comme Couche Tout-en-un (TE1), Couche Tout-en-deux (TE2) ou Couche à Poche. Utilisez-la comme vous voulez avec un bouton  pression à l’arrière pour maintenir l’insert en place par-dessus ou à l’intérieur de la poche.
  • 3 ajustements d’hauteur grâce aux boutons pression
  • Deux rangées de boutons pression pour permettre un meilleur ajustement indépendant de la taille et des jambes
  • Boutons pression qui se croisent à la taille pour un ajustement optimal
  • Boutons à pression aux hanches assurent une bonne tenue des ailes
  • Matériel doux et élastique autour des cuisses et de la taille
  • Ouverture de la poche à l’avant et à l’arrière pour faciliter l’installation de l’insert
  • Bande extérieure imperméable en PUL au haut de la couche offre une protection supérieure contre les fuites
  • Boutons à pression renforcés par une double épaisseur de PUL à l’avant de la couche
  • Intérieur en bambou (80% viscose de bambou et 20% polyester)


Description des inserts : 

  • Chaque système contient un petit et un grand insert (80% viscose de bambou et 20% polyester)
  • Les deux inserts sont en forme d’arachide pour optimiser leur capacité d’absorption
  • Les inserts s’attachent l’un à l’autre ainsi qu’à l’arrière de la couche
  • Aucun bouton pression apparent sur l’insert, donc reste confortable pour bébé
  • Couture double autour des inserts les renforce et les rend plus durable
  • Les inserts peuvent rester attaché à la coquille au lavage (il est possible qu’ils se séparent pendant le lavage)
  • Le petit insert est composé de 4 épaisseurs de tissu de bambou, 23 x 9 cm
  • Le grand insert est composé de 5 épaisseurs de tissu de bambou, 27 x 9 cm

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