Meet Funky Fluff’s Quality Control Team

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A comment from #FunkyFluffian, Chelsea, in our Official Chatter Group is what got me thinking about writing this post.

Lamenting that some brands’ diapers sold at full price were “seconds quality,” she told us, in part: “I have no idea what was wrong with any of my seconds Funky Fluff, they seemed perfect to me!! Thanks, ladies for caring about what you send out to people and having such incredible quality control!”

I thought we should all get to know the three women behind Funky Fluff’s high standards of quality control.

First of all, what does “seconds quality” mean? “Seconds quality” refers to products with slight manufacturing defects that a brand sells at a discounted price. Funky Fluff’s most recent Seconds Sale was an overwhelming success, and from the comments I’ve read in our group, the defects were barely detectable to most buyers. Defects may be things like loose rise snaps, an upside down Funky Fluff tag, cracked or broken snaps or stains on the fabric. Weeding out the diapers that do not meet Funky Fluff’s high standards is a painstaking job, and it takes a meticulous, patient and focussed individual to do it just right.

Every Funky Fluff diaper that you buy has been carefully inspected by the Funky Fluff Quality Control Team: Tiffany, Lorraine and Melissa.

Meet Funky Fluff's Quality Control Team
Left to right: Lorraine, Tiffany & Funky Fluff co-owner, Kathy


Tiffany is a nursing student currently finishing her last university semester. She lives in the Durham region and grew up in Toronto. She loves to travel back and forth between Toronto, Oshawa and Peterborough to visit family and friends and enjoy the varying geography of the area. She and her boyfriend have two sons, one who is 16 months and a newbie who’s only a few weeks old. She applied for the quality control job because she “always felt really proud to have Funky Fluff and to support the company through word of mouth. [She] never thought that [she] would one day be helping them achieve that perfect image and provide the love and care to the diapers that they need before they find their forever homes.”

Lorraine has been married for 11 years and has a 12-year-old stepson, a 21-month-old daughter and a 3-month-old son. She admits to being a super hockey Mom, attending her stepson’s games with two babies dangling off of her. She works in advertising, but is currently on maternity leave enjoying her two “snuggle buddies” (her words, not mine). She was a perfect fit for the job when Tricia and Kathy posted looking for temporary employees: “My personality and my habits just happened to fit perfectly with quality control. I stack my diapers by colour and type, whether it be in the nursery or on my living room shelf.”

Funky Fluff Quality Control Team

Melissa is the only member of the Funky Fluff team who isn’t a Mama. But she is an auntie to Renee at Lil’ Monkey Cheek’s cutie patootie son. Cat-lover extraordinaire (she has three) and entrepreneur like her older sister (she sells sunglasses), she actually does her quality-control duties at LMC headquarters to make sure her furry friends don’t leave any extra fluff on your Funky Fluff.

Both Lorraine and Tiffany work from their homes, on their sofas, with big bins of diapers and accessories in front of them, and usually a baby nearby. To sort through an entire bin and prepare it to be returned to Tricia and Kathy or sent on to retailers can take up to 5 hours.

Funky Fluff Quality Control

These two Mamas turned work-at-home #FunkyFluffian Mamas and their Cat Lover/Future #FunkyFluffian colleague all cite strings and fluff as their biggest on-the-job hazard. Leaving work with miscellaneous strings dangling from their pants is just part of their commitment to perfect Funky Fluff!

If you’ve ever marvelled about the lack of flaws in Funky Fluff diapers you order from our website or from retailers, you know who to thank! And it’s also because of these picky ladies that even the diapers sold at bargain basement prices in the Seconds Sales are so #FUNKtional!

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