Meet our Newest Funky Fluff Ambassadors

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Funky Fluff Ambassadors

There comes a time in all of our lives as parents that it’s time to throw in the proverbial towel… or in the case of Funky Fluff Moms, to throw in the cloth diaper. It’s a bittersweet moment when your child potty trains (less so, I assume, if they’re in disposables). For Funky Fluff Ambassador Gladys, not only has she had to say bye bye to her stash, but also to her ambassadorship. She’ll always be a #FunkyFluffian, but it’s unlikely her daughter would appreciate being shoved into diapers for big reveals events now that she’s moved on to bigger and better things.

Gladys’s awesomeness is clearly unrivalled seeing as she’s being replaced by not one, but THREE new Funky Fluff oFFicial Ambassadors! If you missed out on meeting our first group of ambassadors, check here!

Meet Our New Ambassadors:

Megan is from Brantford, Ontario, where she lives with her husband, 9-month-old son and senior-citizen dogs, Bindi and Niska. She’s active in Funky Fluff’s Official Chat Group, where her passion for the brand caught the eye of Kathy and Tricia. Megan loves the versatility, trim fit, quality and amazing colours and prints of Funky Fluff. Funk-eh Forest is her all-time favourite, and also her first #FUNKtionalCloth. Currently on maternity leave, Megan loves horses and horseback riding, and her obsession with Funky Fluff is rivalled only by her love of purses and shoes. Welcome, Megan!

Vannessa is our new state-side ambassador, hailing from Alto, Michigan. She is a mother of two, with a husband and a puppy to round out the household. Vanessa describes her love of Funky Fluff as a “full-blown obsession.” Having witnessed her fervent activity in our chat group, I can only confirm this assessment. When not arranging her diapers for stash shots, Vanessa loves to crochet and chear on Notre Dame. She was selected as a “Super Fan” for the release of Lily, and it’s also her favourite colour. Her favourite feature of Funky Fluff is how trim they are, even for a one-size model. We’re psyched to have this passionate stay-at-home Mom on board!

Deirdre, a nurse RPN and mother of two boys, has been dreaming about becoming a Funky Fluff Ambassador ever since we launched the program in fall 2014. With her first-born, she couldn’t find the right cloth diaper in terms of fit and function, so with her youngest, finding Funky Fluff was what it took to get her back on the cloth bandwagon. She’s energetic and doesn’t sit still for long unless she’s stuffing diapers. Her favourite colours are Lily and Orange Crush, and you’ll only find her shopping if it’s for Funky Fluff! Glad we could make your dream come true, Deirdre!

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  1. […] Gladys, from Spring Valley, California Gladys has four children, three boys and a baby girl. Her daughter was the first of her babies to wear cloth! She is convinced that if she had known how easy cloth diapering could be, she would’ve used cloth on all of her children. For those on the fence about cloth, it’s great to hear the opinion of a Mom who has used both disposables and cloth full time. Gladys habla español, y está lista para enseñarles como usar los pañales lavables. {In 2015, Gladys’s daughter retired from cloth diapers and thus Gladys’s position was filled by not one, but three new ambassadors.} […]

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