NEW USA FunkyFluff Distributor

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We are thrilled to introduce you to Little
Mama Distribution, our NEW distributor for Funky Fluff products in the United
States. Our new distributor is extremely
comfortable within the cloth diapering industry and has worked in the retail
arena for 20 years (design, retail, manufacturing, sales). You may already recognize the owner of Little
Mama and her team as they also own Dream Diapers in Arizona. Deanna Little has been working closely with
us over the past few months to move Funky Fluff forward in the US.

We are delighted about our new partnership
with Little Mama and are confident that our Retailers will receive outstanding service in
the US. Deanna and her team share our
principles of open communication, commitment to customer service, accuracy and
quick turnaround.

You can contact Little Mama with any
questions directly at

Kathy &

Funky Fluff
& Stuff Inc.

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