Join Funky Fluff in the GDGH Periscopathon on Monday, Sep. 28 at 11:30 EST

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Join Tricia & Kathy Live!

Anyone else feel like they blinked, and suddenly there was a brand new social media outlet blowing up their feeds? I consider myself pretty on top of social media, I mean, that’s why Funky Fluff pays me the big bucks. Naturally, something totally novel would be launched and start skyrocketing in popularity while I was away on mat. leave. So, if you’re wondering WTF (what the fluff) Periscope is, let’s start there with this lovely video and set of Gifs from Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry:


WTF (What the Fluff) is Periscope?


So then, what’s a Periscopathon?

The Giving Diapers, Giving Hope (GDGH) non-profit may be the originators of this term, in fact. If you’ve ever watched a telethon, then you get the idea. Essentially, as you watch each sponsor’s Periscope videos, you are encouraged to donate however much you can to GDGH. And to get each sponsor to donate their maximum pledged amount, you tap away at your screen, giving them “hearts” to help meet their individual goal. For example, if Funky Fluff receives 10,000 hearts, they will donate $400 in product to GDGH. Furthermore, if total donations from viewers reach $5000, the grand prize will be unlocked.

GDGH Periscopathon Logo


Funky Fluff’s prize:

– Bamboo diaper shell
– Stay Dry diaper shell
– deLUX hemp/bamboo Soaker Set

Because donations have already started coming through, the Funky Fluff prize has already been unlocked! Note that you do not have to donate to enter for a prize. The Rafflecopter form is open to everyone!


How’s this all going down?

I’ll let Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry and some of the participating brands and shops tell you:

So you’ll tune into Funky Fluff’s broadcast at 10:30 AM EST, and you’ll get tapping! Interact with Tricia and Kathy, who are kind of nervous they won’t have enough to say… so send them some nice, juicy questions or comments to respond to. Here are the donation levels that can be achieved during their 30 minute slot:

Funky Fluff's Periscopathon Goals


What is GDGH?

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope is an American cloth-diaper-lending organization that helps low-income families save by avoiding the cost of disposable diapers. This promotional video truly says it all.

Giving Diapers Giving Hope 2014 Accomplishments


Important links:

Enter the Giveaway & Donate Here

RSVP to the #Periscopathon Facebook Event (counts as a Rafflecopter entry)

Funky Fluff Periscope Profile

To find all Periscopathon participating blogs (this counts as a Rafflecopter entry):

Using your Periscope App, search for the Username Periscopathon. View their “following” list and follow all. You will need to follow all to view their broadcasts and help GDGH get more donations from the brands involved! 


What do you do now?

In the comments below, let Kathy and Tricia know what you’d like to hear them talk about or see them do during their Scope on September 28th! Remember, if you can’t tune in live, Scopes are visible for 24 hours following broadcast. When viewing, just keep tapping for more hearts. Each user can give 500 hearts per broadcast!

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