Retailer Spotlight: Creations Etc. by Candace

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Funky Fluff Retailer Spotlight ~ Creations Etc. by Candace

Candace, owner of Brooks, Alberta-based Funky Fluff retailer Creations Etc. by Candace, wears many different hats. She’s not just a small-business owner: she’s also an artisan and a shipper/receiver for a large chain store. And those are just her professional hats!

She began her small business journey selling her own, handcrafted items, including growth charts and stationery products. Upon discovering cloth diapers and a lack of local retailers, she decided to expand her offerings to include Funky Fluff! Yes, that’s right, the only brand she currently stock is Funky Fluff. Talk about a true #FunkyFluffian.

She chose to use cloth diapers for her son when she saw the major rashes and allergic reactions he was having to disposables. To list off just a few of her reasons for loving cloth, she cites the cuteness, the environmental aspect and fewer blow outs.

Candace chose Funky Fluff because of the brand’s versatility: “Whether you prefer AIOs, AI2s or pockets, these diapers are cost effective, don’t gouge you like some other brands, and the fact that they are Canadian owned is also a big win.”

To help those new to cloth, Candace holds home demo parties to teach newbies the ins and outs and all the terminology. She also participates in lots of trade shows to help expand her customer base.

Usually, at the end of a Funky Fluff Retailer Spotlight, I give away the retailer’s favourite colour of diaper. Candace claims to love them all equally…. so for her giveaway, the winner will get to choose!

You can check out Candace on her website and on Facebook.

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