Retailer Spotlight: Joyful Giraffe

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Funky Fluff Retailer Spotlight: Joyful Giraffe

In this month’s retailer spotlight, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Kate – mama of three, former high school and community college level Spanish teacher, and cloth diaper retailer. The Joyful Giraffe, based in Oswego, Illinois, has been selling cloth diapers and cloth diapering accessories online since April 2012. She loves to support other work at home moms by carrying a wide selection of WAHM-made products like nursing pads, reusable sandwich bags, nursing scarves, wool products, and wet bags.

After three kids in cloth, Kate is a cloth diapering veteran. When she started cloth diapering there just weren’t many local options, which was why she decided to open up her own online store. With hubby’s help and support (he was actually the first one to suggest using cloth diapers!) and three little ones who love to help with the packaging, this is truly a family business. And now less than three years later, The Joyful Giraffe has just expanded into a brick and mortar storefront! Congratulations!

Funky Fluff joined the Joyful Giraffe family after Kate read a blog review praising its fit from newborn all the way to potty training. Kate got a Funky Fluff sample diaper to try for herself, and when she discovered that the same diaper fit her two-week-old and her two-and-a-half-year-old, she was sold! The Funky Fluff colour combo of choice around here is grey with pink snaps.

The Joyful Giraffe is an integral part of the Chicagoland cloth diaper community, offering in store cloth diapering workshops, small workshops at local community groups, and even home visits all dedicated to helping parents succeed in their cloth diapering journey. That commitment to helping parents and the customer service they can expect to receive is what keeps customers coming back.

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