Retailer Spotlight: Lil’ Monkey Cheeks {+ Retailer Exclusive Colour Launch}

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Funky Fluff Lil' Monkey Cheeks Retailer Spotlight

Most of the time I have to interview Funky Fluff retailers in order to write their spotlights. Despite never having met in person, I feel like I know Renee and her business quite well: I’m her Social Media Manager! (Otherwise known as “the girl who does that stuff with Twitter and Instagram.”)

Renee has poured her heart into her business, housed in a spare room in the Pickering, Ontario home she shares with her husband, toddler and, coming in August, her newborn baby! Renee prides herself on speedy shipping and attention to detail, something I see satisfied clients lauding in cloth diaper chat groups countrywide. Her perfectionism can drive me batty, but I cannot deny that she has a knack for ironing out even the smallest of details, making sure every aspect of her business is just right.

Renee is the first Funky Fluff retailer to be inspired by our exclusive prints, commissioning  Grow-With-Me pants and Bandana Bibs in Funksters and FunkEh Forest to please #FunkyFluffian parents who love matching diapers to outfits. Thanks to Lil’ Monkey Cheeks customer and Funky Fluff fan, Megan, for sharing this shot of her son, Spencer.

Lil' Monkey Cheeks Funky Fluff Retailer Exclusive

Renee is also the first Funky Fluff family member to launch a retailer-exclusive colour. While she describes the process of choosing her exclusive colour as “nothing exciting,” I can only imagine the amount of care and reflection she put into selecting the colour that would be the most appealing to fans and the most fitting in the Funky Fluff line up. In the end, she chose a “refreshing, spring colour” with the added detail of two possible snap colours for parents to choose.

Lil' Monkey Cheeks Announcement

Thanks to my awesome naming skills, Renee’s creations are called Lily (for the lily pads floating on an aqua pond) and Skipper (for the stones we skip across said pond).

Lil' Monkey Cheeks ~ Lily

Lil' Monkey Cheeks ~ Skipper

Lil' Monkey Cheeks ~ Lil Skip

You can purchase Lily, Skipper and Lil’ Skip exclusively at  Lil’ Monkey Cheeks. 

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