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BringingFunkyBack Options

Well, ladies and germs, tomorrow is the big day! Potentially by the time I publish this, it will BE the big day for those of you on the east coast. Such are the joys of running the social media campaign for an amazing brand with an epic launch of six new colours and a game-changing new diaper material while staying home full time with two kids and hubby away on business. Did I just overshare? (In case you don’t know, it’s me, Lindsay, Social Media Manager for Funky Fluff, otherwise known as Maman Loup.)

Okay, anyway, I thought it would be important to outline exactly what is what with the #BringingFunkyBack line of diapers and accessories. A couple things will be new even to seasoned Funky Fluffians (assuming you weren’t hanging on to my every word during the release parties), and for those of you totally new to the brand and intrigued by the amaze-balls colours and the allure of AWJ, I’m about to give you the quick and dirty.

The Funky Fluff line of “three-in-one” diapers come in three inner fabrics: stay-dry suede cloth, bamboo terry and the new team member, athletic wicking jersey.

Types of Funky Fluff Diapers

If you are completely stumped on which one is right for you, there are links at the bottom of this post to some reviews from cloth diaper bloggers. Another place you might want to check is our Official Chat Group.

When you buy Funky Fluff diapers, you can choose to buy them in a system, which includes Bamboo LUX Soakers. You can also buy the shell on its own at many of our retailers (New this time around, shells are available to US shoppers!). You may also want to buy shells separately and add deLUX Soakers, or even cash in on some savings by buying a bundle.

Funky Fluff Diaper Options

Funky Fluff’s current line up includes six solid colours, which were revealed and named by fans last week:

Bringing Funky Back Colours

Both Maritime and Chantilly continue to be available.

What’s Available in What?

Just to make things a bit tricky for you, not all of Funky Fluff’s accessories (double pocket wet bags and hanging pails) are available in all colours, and AWJ is currently only offered in two colours and one print.

Funky Fluff Colour-Print (1)

Funky Fluff Reviews:

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